Thursday, November 20


I'm making no apologies for the formatting of this post. It's a little awkward, but today, I don't care-ish.
Since it's been forever and a day, I have a little life update in mostly photos consisting mostly of a certain little boy. #sorrynotsorry
Obligatory pumpkin patch photo op. The day was a beautiful one, but we didn't get to the patch until late afternoon so it was a little chilly, started raining (but stopped) and I wore stupid shoes that picked up every.single.sticker in the field (yes, I should know better). My ridiculousness aside, it was fun and Isaac liked touching all the pumpkins. All the pumpkins.
I'm thinking this one's obvious, but: Halloween. Isaac was a…cow. He tolerated it quite well and made no attempt at removing the hat/ears/headpiece. He sweetly indulged his mom and dad; and because of the cold temps and the fact that he's 8 months old we only ventured over to the next door neighbor's who kindly gave "him" some yummy treats. Oh Mr. Moo, you slay me.
Tim and I had been discussing for a few weeks how Isaac was needing a haircut, so when the opportunity arose, we had him trimmed up a bit. Considering how grown-up it makes him look, it wasn't nearly as traumatic as expected. For me or him. There were no tears or blood, so I count that a success. He sat fairly well, although his interest in the scissors and the exciting ordeal that is a haircut, kept his head turning and me coming up with tricks to keep him still. ish. And look how excited he is that it's all over. Silly, grown-up boy. And for those of you worried about my hair, I took a turn in the chair right after.
Isaac tolerates the shades, and rides outside are fun because the wind blows in his face. He.loves.wind.
Still a reading fool.

Thursday, October 2

Stealing kisses.

At least 1000 times a day. Because I. can't. help. myself. And he's my son. And he can't tell me no. Yet.
 I mean- the CHEEKS!

Saturday, September 6

Sly little guy.

I was headed to change out the laundry when I safely put my son in his crib; and then he quickly did this. I'd say Isaac is rather pleased with himself. Me? I'm scared. And proud. But mostly scared. I mean, proud. Guess the crib goes down another notch. #wheresmybaby

Friday, August 29

182.5 Days.

Also known as SIX months. Aka half of a year. Aka the age of my baby boy. Aka a day of denial and crocodile tears. How did this happen? Half a year has come and gone and it felt like a day. Maybe this is a glimpse into what heaven will feel like. Maybe because I'm late writing this, it hasn't actually happened yet. Isn't that the way it works: if a tree falls and there's no one there to hear it, does it really make a sound. Likewise, if I don't blog about my son getting older, does it really happen. Surely not. Oh Isaac, stay my baby forever.
This little boy has captured our hearts. There's been less sleep than was imaginable, more joy than we could have known, so.many.diapers, but more love than we ever thought possible.
And now a reminder to keep you humble.
Nicknames include: I-Man, Mr. Moo, Bubba, I (which can be especially funny- for example:)
What you're doing: Moving, moving and then some more moving. You roll, go from laying to sitting, sit and flop as you try to crawl. You're squealing, laughing, smiling, fake coughing to get our attention, trying solid foods. Yum? 
You love: your mom and dad (duh), reading, Peter Rabbit, trees, being outside, eating your toes, chewing on anything that happens in front of you, others peoples' fingers, being sung to- especially the ABC's, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Skinamarinky Dinky Dink (bonus if actions are involved), things that crinkle and probably lots more adorableness that escapes me now.
If these past six months are any indication of how fleeting our time with you will seem, I surely want to soak it all up. Every last happy, cranky, sad, sweet part of you. I could eat you up, I love you so.

Wednesday, August 20

Goodland takes Topeka by storm. Or something.

This one time, in Topeka, a couple of farmers went on TV. And then they were all like, "I'm sorry but our camera adds an extra 50 lbs" and I was all like, "It's ok." Also, it's always been a dream of mine to be on TV with my roots growing something fierce. #saidnooneever
We received this opportunity by way of Kansas Farm Bureau (KFB) and our involvement with Young Farmers and Ranchers (YF&R). I spoke a bit about that here and here and hereChef Alli and the morning crew at WIBW were nothing but kind and welcoming and made the experience as easy as easy can be for two people who know nothing about nothing. So now that we're clear about that. The most surprising part, perhaps, was it only took us two takes. And it's a wonder that's all because once we started over we didn't just redo the part where I completely forgot what I was saying. Oh no. We went The pressure was on. It was also at that time I became clairvoyant and saw myself accepting the "Most Takes at WIBW. Ever." award.
We were there to talk YF&R, our move back to the family farm and how I need to visit the salon. Also Blackberry Skillet Coffee Cake, which was as delicious as it sounds. Isaac? He was there to make us look good. And wear baby overalls, which is always my favorite. 
We thank Alli and WIBW for allowing us to come and share a little bit of our story. And we thank you, Alli, for your part in promoting agriculture, and helping others better understand where and from whom their food comes. This blog post could also possibly win an award for number of links used. 

Fair enough.

My most recent (and also, only) state fair memory took place the summer Tim and I were married and we lived in Iowa. And everybody goes to the Iowa State Fair. I have three things to say about this:
  1. White pants (I knooooow) and a Philly Cheesesteak (a definite weird choice for me). 
  2. 100°+ temps. 
  3. A bozo blocked our parking lot entrance/exit so we waited on a tow truck.
I think it's fair (ha!) to say that fairs for me, in general, are an unknown quantity. That is until we moved back to the farm. Now it guarantees a week of family as far as the eye can see, full houses and constant activity. I say this with much sincerity and affection because in the three short years we have been here, it already holds many fond memories; and I'm excited for Isaac to have fun memories of fair time, too!
One of the neat things about our county fair is that the rides and booths are county owned. No creepy carnies here. There is a lot of pride in making sure the rides run safely and well; and there's a volunteer team that meets one night a week throughout the entire year to ensure that happens. It's a total labor of love and is appreciated so much. 
Also, if you're reading this Carrie Beth, the little boy riding circles below is your son circa 2011. #E$
See friends? If you come visit during fair (and you should), then maybe you can make a blog appearance. Three years later, when you forget you even visited.

Monday, August 18

Stop it.

This sweet girl made her first appearance on the blog a while back. She's still the same ball of fire but a 5-year-old version about to go to kindergarten. Real talk: how did this happen and where was I when it did? She certainly didn't have my permission.
Same goes for her 7-year-old brother.
 And her 3-year-old cousin, too. Stop it.
What I do know is they are precious and make this Aunt smile proudly. It is a joy and honor to watch them grow up. And if I'm honest, a little sad, as well, because it goes all too quickly. Thanks for your recent visit and welcoming Isaac into the fold. You are loved.