Wednesday, July 23

Eager reader.

My man, Moo, loves to read and has for a long time. Sweet boy will regularly hang in for 10 or 12 books in a sitting. My astute observation of his leg and arm movement tell me some of his favorites include Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?Are you a Cow? and Big Red Barn. Sometimes we call Isaac, Michael Flatley, because of all the Riverdance action that goes on at our house. If you're looking to do a jig, Isaac's always up for a partner. 
Another sweet thing about all this reading business is the arm/shoulder/head touching that goes on. And since my little boy isn't super cuddly, I just love how he touches you when you read to him. Be still my heart. I hope he always has a love for reading. And Riverdance.

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  1. Fiona loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear. She is getting pretty good at "reading" it to herself. But this is a post about ISAAC. And he is adorable.