Wednesday, August 20

Fair enough.

My most recent (and also, only) state fair memory took place the summer Tim and I were married and we lived in Iowa. And everybody goes to the Iowa State Fair. I have three things to say about this:
  1. White pants (I knooooow) and a Philly Cheesesteak (a definite weird choice for me). 
  2. 100°+ temps. 
  3. A bozo blocked our parking lot entrance/exit so we waited on a tow truck.
I think it's fair (ha!) to say that fairs for me, in general, are an unknown quantity. That is until we moved back to the farm. Now it guarantees a week of family as far as the eye can see, full houses and constant activity. I say this with much sincerity and affection because in the three short years we have been here, it already holds many fond memories; and I'm excited for Isaac to have fun memories of fair time, too!
One of the neat things about our county fair is that the rides and booths are county owned. No creepy carnies here. There is a lot of pride in making sure the rides run safely and well; and there's a volunteer team that meets one night a week throughout the entire year to ensure that happens. It's a total labor of love and is appreciated so much. 
Also, if you're reading this Carrie Beth, the little boy riding circles below is your son circa 2011. #E$
See friends? If you come visit during fair (and you should), then maybe you can make a blog appearance. Three years later, when you forget you even visited.


  1. Carrie Beth did read this....and does remember...I could never forget this visit. I can attest to the safety and awesome-ness of the rides....except the scrambler. We were convinced the car was going to fly off and we were going to was absolutely terrifying.

  2. If the memories are a bit fuzzy... let's pretend I was there too.