Wednesday, August 20

Goodland takes Topeka by storm. Or something.

This one time, in Topeka, a couple of farmers went on TV. And then they were all like, "I'm sorry but our camera adds an extra 50 lbs" and I was all like, "It's ok." Also, it's always been a dream of mine to be on TV with my roots growing something fierce. #saidnooneever
We received this opportunity by way of Kansas Farm Bureau (KFB) and our involvement with Young Farmers and Ranchers (YF&R). I spoke a bit about that here and here and hereChef Alli and the morning crew at WIBW were nothing but kind and welcoming and made the experience as easy as easy can be for two people who know nothing about nothing. So now that we're clear about that. The most surprising part, perhaps, was it only took us two takes. And it's a wonder that's all because once we started over we didn't just redo the part where I completely forgot what I was saying. Oh no. We went The pressure was on. It was also at that time I became clairvoyant and saw myself accepting the "Most Takes at WIBW. Ever." award.
We were there to talk YF&R, our move back to the family farm and how I need to visit the salon. Also Blackberry Skillet Coffee Cake, which was as delicious as it sounds. Isaac? He was there to make us look good. And wear baby overalls, which is always my favorite. 
We thank Alli and WIBW for allowing us to come and share a little bit of our story. And we thank you, Alli, for your part in promoting agriculture, and helping others better understand where and from whom their food comes. This blog post could also possibly win an award for number of links used. 


  1. I just watched you on YouTube!!!! Great job!!!

  2. My favorite part was the look on your face when they plugged your blog. And you looked GREAT!!!