Wednesday, May 16

Watchin' my corn pop up in rows.

For the past two weeks, baby corn has been popping up out of the ground. It's so cute. So let's all give a collective thumbs up / fingers crossed / hands clasped that it grows up to be BIG corn!
In the middle picture you can see the corn in farm speak, this is called being able to "row it." It's like a noun, verb and adjective all rolled in to one ball of fun. For example, Farmer Tim will say, "The corn's big enough I can row it." Or, "Hey Katherine, see the corn? You can row it." Or, "Can you row the corn?" It's usage is endless, really. So the next time you drive by a field, see if you can "row it."

Monday, May 14

And finally...Cinco de MARRIAGE!

Although a bit humid for my hair's taste, the day was beautiful and sunny- perfect for a wedding! Details came together, any blunders went unnoticed, the bride, radiant and at the end of the day, Kate and Kyle GOT MARRIED! And when all is said and done, isn't that all that matters. 
A girl's gotta eat.
1. sweet card from Kyle
2. bridesmaid bouquets
3. Kate's flowers
4. sweet silver shoes- mine are cute evil
It was a beautiful Cinco de Wedding weekend!

Thursday, May 10

Lots of little gifts.

A wedding weekend would not be complete without a Bachelorette Partaaaaay. We whooped it up and celebrated this girl the only way we knew how: lots of little gifts, if you know what I'm saying...
My camera was misbehaving (read: operator error) and the light was terrible, so good pictures are few and far between. But isn't Kate smokin'?

And the next morning was a brunch, hosted by my Mom and me. I helped a little, but Mom saw the vision through and orchestrated the flowers, food and all other things pretty.
Hopefully this satiated your appetite for pictures. I'm spent.

Monday, May 7

The slide and chocolate milk...and fries.

My first night in the Ta was spent with a dear friend, who also happened to be my freshman college roommate, Hillary...and her husband and sweet daughter. The weather was so pretty we decided on a place with a patio and landed at Stearman's. When I asked two year old Harper's thoughts on our choice of venue she replied with, "Slide, chocolate milk and fries." That only seems fair. 
Good Times, good friends and good slide, chocolate milk and fries.