Thursday, November 20


I'm making no apologies for the formatting of this post. It's a little awkward, but today, I don't care-ish.
Since it's been forever and a day, I have a little life update in mostly photos consisting mostly of a certain little boy. #sorrynotsorry
Obligatory pumpkin patch photo op. The day was a beautiful one, but we didn't get to the patch until late afternoon so it was a little chilly, started raining (but stopped) and I wore stupid shoes that picked up every.single.sticker in the field (yes, I should know better). My ridiculousness aside, it was fun and Isaac liked touching all the pumpkins. All the pumpkins.
I'm thinking this one's obvious, but: Halloween. Isaac was a…cow. He tolerated it quite well and made no attempt at removing the hat/ears/headpiece. He sweetly indulged his mom and dad; and because of the cold temps and the fact that he's 8 months old we only ventured over to the next door neighbor's who kindly gave "him" some yummy treats. Oh Mr. Moo, you slay me.
Tim and I had been discussing for a few weeks how Isaac was needing a haircut, so when the opportunity arose, we had him trimmed up a bit. Considering how grown-up it makes him look, it wasn't nearly as traumatic as expected. For me or him. There were no tears or blood, so I count that a success. He sat fairly well, although his interest in the scissors and the exciting ordeal that is a haircut, kept his head turning and me coming up with tricks to keep him still. ish. And look how excited he is that it's all over. Silly, grown-up boy. And for those of you worried about my hair, I took a turn in the chair right after.
Isaac tolerates the shades, and rides outside are fun because the wind blows in his face. He.loves.wind.
Still a reading fool.