Sunday, September 30

Gray Toes = Fall

Before I could even start this blog post I had to google the correct spelling of the word "grey" or "gray", as it relates to the color. Or colour.  The verdict: no one really knows, but the general consensus is "gray" per the blog title above. Any challengers? I didn't think so. 

Thanks to my mom, I got this pedicure. And with a nod to Fall, I picked darker GRAY. You know what would be annoying? If you got a pedicure and then stubbed your toe and ruined the paint job. Thankfully, that didn't happen this time, but it has happened. Hypothetically. 

Warning: you are about to view a close-up of my foot, viewer discretion is advised.
Welcome October, so nice to see you! Hope you have a great, non-toe-stubbing kind of week.

Thursday, September 27

Kernel for your thoughts.

In case you can't or don't want to read sideways:
  • America's corn farms grow 20% more corn per acre than any other nation.
  • An acre of corn removes 9 tons of harmful greenhouse gas. More than that produced by your car annually.
  • 95% of all corn farms are family owned.
  • American corn farmers grow 55% of world corn exports.
  • Corn farmers have cut soil erosion 44% by using innovative conservation methods.
BAM. Farmers rule.

Monday, September 24

Price check.

A possible new perspective for you to consider while you wait in the grocery store check out line; unless you're reading headlines rightly displaying the dysfunction of the New Jersey Housewives. Then I suppose you can consider that, too. But then come back to this. Thanks, Farmer Tim!

Sunday, September 23

I know you are but what am I?

I'm pretty sure if I polled my three blog readers and asked if they'd paid money to go see Rock of Ages all of one might raise their hand. In terms of Hollywood standards it won't be winning any Oscars any time soon ever. But since I don't have a very discriminating (read: bad???) taste in movies, Tim had a hard time keeping me down. That aisle was calling my name and asking me to dance. Instead I jammed in my seat, went home and expanded my 80s music collection. Dance party anyone?

Friday, September 21

I stand corrected.

I recently posted about Bill the Drill; and upon hearing this my niece, Ella, was quick to inform me I'd given him the WRONG name. Oh the shame. So I am here to tell you that our drill has been lovingly REnamed, Dory. What else could I do when confronted with this face?
Moral of the story: consult your three year old niece before making these big declarations.

Wednesday, September 19

To arr is pirate.

I can't believe this, this OR this Alpha Chirate didn't beat me to the punch. Happy "Talk Like a Pirate Day!"

Tuesday, September 18

Bill the drill.

I totally just made that up. I've never named an implement before, let alone even thought about it. Until now, apparently, when it seemed like the right bloggy thing to do. But this is Tim, pulling Bill the drill- which means we've started planting wheat. Did you know that we plant enough wheat on our farm to produce 6.8 million loaves of bread? If you did, I'm sorry to have repeated myself. But if you didn't, I want you to be impressed. Or at the least, know that that is a lot of pb&js produced in western Kansas. Tim has taken a bit of a corn harvest hiatus, and will resume at a time and date of which I have no inkling.

Saturday, September 15

van Gogh vs. the prairie dog

You can go here to read (and get a more accurate account) about how this painting came to be. There are usually multiple people a day who stop off the interstate for the view. And unlike the $6 admission to see the largest prairie dog in the world, you don't have to pay to see our van Gogh. So there. Take that, you herbivorous member of the squirrel family. van Gogh wins.

Tuesday, September 11

God Bless America

For all major national holidays (Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, et al.) members of Kiwanis get up early in the morning to put up flags all around town. It's super pretty, especially when they line the street- which I tried to capture here. You can kind of see it, but I didn't want to get out of the car and be a creeper, so this was my best effort.

Today I am especially thankful for the country in which we live, for the military men and women who serve and who have served and for the lives lost 11 years ago. And I remember that our freedom is never truly free.

Saturday, September 8

Friday night lights.

Although I can't tell you a thing about the show I have some friends who know a thing or two. Or ten. High school football is small town USA's main source of entertainment this time of year; so Farmer Tim and I (naturally) went to the game. Reminds me of this song. Besides, where else is a girl supposed to go to show off her newly acquired belt buckle (kidding??).

Friday, September 7

Mulled ciders anonymous.

Hi. My name is Katherine and I'm addicted to Mulled Cider. Much like cheesecake, I love Fall; and what's synonymous with Fall? MULLED CIDER candles. I discovered this gem last fall at Wal-Mart (although they sell it year round). I'm only three days in and I've already burned over half of my cider goodness. What I like almost as much as its smell is its price. Even so, I'm  still gonna have to go get a part time job to support my smelly habit. Burn on and Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 6

Soon enough.

I asked Farmer Tim to send me a pic of the view from his office: here is yesterdays! We are not quite in the throws of harvest- soon enough (soon enough). That second "soon enough" in parentheses was me bracing myself and sighing under my breath. Right now they're cutting any and all dry land they can, where the moisture isn't still too high (otherwise we get docked on drying fees at the elevator). They test cut into fields until they find a live one. Then they cut, cut, cut. And then test, test, test. Tim says it's likely that after today they may only get a couple more days of harvest until they have to take a temporary break. And that break will be no break at all; he will go right into drilling wheat. Then when that takes too long, Gerry and Linda may have to continue drilling, while Tim dusts off the 'ol combine to resume corn harvest. It'll definitely be interesting to see how it all plays out. And me? I'll be eating bon bons while being fanned by our manservant, Warren. 

Wednesday, September 5

Just like Papa and Farmer Tim: revisited

Back in May I posted about my nephew, Joshua, planting some sweet corn. With the help of the garden hose the plants produced a few, gnarly completely normal ears. Nana and Papa would say it tasted pretty good and I say, "good job, Josh!"

Tuesday, September 4

Wait for it...wait for it...

...still waiting. It totally looked like rain yesterday. And then it sprinkled. And then it was over. Tricked. 

Monday, September 3

Deep thoughts.

Today's Deep Thoughts
By Katherine Jack Handy

It's too bad cowboys didn't eat much pizza back in the Old West, because I think a good painting would be a cowboy giving his last slice to his horse.

To me, it's a good idea to always carry two sacks of something when you walk around.  That way, if anybody says, "Hey, can you give me a hand?" you can say, "Sorry, got these sacks."

Sunday, September 2

It's beginning to a lot like...harvest.

Folks, in a matter of days life around here is about to get crazy. Looks like Farmer Tim may be harvesting corn AND drilling wheat almost simultaneously. That's not normal. But thanks to our really wet so hot no amount of deodorant could help me dry summer, some of our fields are begging to be picked. Despite my failed attempt at the Man of the House rain dance (everybody dance now!), we consider it a blessing to have anything to harvest at all! So here's to a safe and bumper crop.