Saturday, June 28

What the…hail?!

Sorry. I couldn't resist that ridiculous blog post title. You know the adage when it rains it pours? Well in our case it could be when it hails it hails some more- especially when you don't buy hail insurance. Thankfully it hasn't brought a total loss, or even a partial, but it definitely will affect our wheat yield. And the corn is small and resilient enough it shouldn't have too much impact on harvest in the Fall. The storm that rolled through a couple weekends ago brought the biggest hail that Tim or I had ever seen in person. Ouch.
And when the rain does decide to stop and things dry up, we'll be just about ready for wheat harvest. In the meantime, we're pretty happy about the *almost* nightly rainfall that has brought us up to .83" below the YTD average. #gaining=winning

Monday, June 16

Stanley, Stanley.

I always like to tell the story about Tim's and my first date. I like to call it our first date but Tim will contest that it was really six days later to see The Incredibles the movie. To prepare for the date party we watched Aladdin and made these really elaborate shirts to go with the "50s Flashback" theme the night before. Not only did he wear the shirt, but he danced with me despite my super sweet moves. And I knew then that he could be someone special. 
Not only have we not aged in the last 10 years, we are also no less dorky. I fear we may be worse; and by worse I mean endearing…which actually brings me (finally) to the point of this silly post. It all started with the word touché. And how it made us think of Tucci- as in, Stanley Tucci. The actor. That's normal, right? So we'd say Tucci, Tucci instead. Then because we just can't help ourselves and we were watching a movie with Stanley Tucci in it, we morphed it even further into simply saying Stanley, Stanley.  This anecdote makes me smile and I wanted to write it down so I wouldn't forget. As if. 

Saturday, June 14

Accidental Father's Day post. And Isaac's first tractor ride.

Does this photo look a little overexposed to you? Real talk: I need to spend some quality time with my camera. And the manual my internet friend, Jenn. Now if someone could just tell me where I can go to get my film developed. #kidding
It's a good thing I had my trusty iPhone handy to more aptly capture this sweet, sweet moment. Isaac had his very FIRST TRACTOR RIDE. Such a big boy. He didn't hate it which basically means he loved it. Right? He loved it so much he pooped his pants and even got some on Dad #isaacforthewin. I still have to remember that my son (my son) will have the privilege of growing up on a farm; and I'm curious to see if he shares the same affinity for farming as Tim. Then maybe he can trick his wife into moving back to the farm as well #momforthewin.

This post was supposed to make an appearance last week, but that didn't happen. So instead, I post it on Father's Day weekend and dedicate it to the man in all these photos that our son gets to call Dad. We love you and thank you for all you do. Isaac and I couldn't be more blessed.