Friday, August 31

Will blog for cheesecake.

I. Love. Cheesecake. I'm not even very discriminating in my preferences. Plain. Chocolate. My mom makes a mean Chocolate chip. Raspberry swirl. Peanut butter and banana. Sauce. No sauce. You get the idea- I like cheesecake. I tell you this because I MADE, FROM SCRATCH, my first ever (you guessed it) cheesecake...and it tasted GOOD. I only had to make the crust twice because who new "crumble the vanilla wafers" translated to "finely puree them in your blender so you don't have massive chunks and only a partially covered spring form pan." 

Caveat: spring form pans are annoying and only mildly work; so put a cookie sheet underneath when baking, so as not to fill the house with smoke from pan drippings. Hypothetically.

Wednesday, August 29

And then...

...Tim scared poor Lawson Zimmerman (Andi and Lance- we hope you'll let us come back for a visit).  But isn't he soooooo cute?
And then...we got our picture taken.
And then...our typical Friday night (Goonie lovers unite!).

Tuesday, August 28

Rocky shmocky.

This one time we went to a Rockies game. And they stunk. But we had fun. The end.