Wednesday, November 28

snail mail.

I write this post only for posterity's sake, as I realize this may make you a little jealous. So I apologize in advance if I make you feel inferior. I have just obtained Platinum Level status in the world of the Hallmark Gold Crown card. Now before you all go crazy, please know that this achievement has been years in the making and came with a lot of hard work and money spent and being really cool. I love snail mail and finding the perfect card for the perfect occasion. If you spend even a little time around me you will eventually bear witness to this fact. So I guess other than letting you know I've achieved Justin Bieber-like status, you should also know I accept most forms of snail mail which can include, but are not limited to: cards, chocolate, flowers, singing telegrams and Ryan Gosling.

Monday, November 26

Lighter later!

Daylight savings has settled in over the western plains and my denial is proving futile. Despite my crying and pleading, our 4:30 sunsets remain. Dangit. Everybody chant with me, "lighter later, lighter later...!!" Even still, God's canvas is filled most days with some amazing colors. Bugs on the windshield notwithstanding, it's not a bad view- thanks to our lack of trees and cityscapes.

Sunday, November 25

I carried the watermelon.

WHAT happened to the month of November. Only four blog posts by Thanksgiving and nothing to show for it. I do have a few pictures from our Turkey Day celebration in Wichita with my family. Our fun began at the Wichita Thunder hockey game. Flying V!!!!
And of course the feast: Mom outdid herself with the turkey and all the fixins', Tim whipped up a cherry pie and and I carried a watermelon filled up the water glasses.

There is much to be thankful for this year and I take pause on this little blog to be grateful for my life's blessings. Gobble gobble.

Thursday, November 15


Part of our Texas world tour was going to the KSU vs. TCU game. It's not every year you get to see your team win it's 10th straight game(in the same season, no less)! Woot woot.
HOW can my Joshua be so big??
Now that we've moved back to Kansas we'd like to think we can make it to a game every year. So far we're a perfect 2-2. The TCU fans were a gracious bunch and quite welcoming, especially considering they had to know their imminent doom. The octagon of doom...oh wait, wrong sport...

Tuesday, November 13

Uncle Whiff

This last week has been busy. We spent time in Texas with Tim's siblings and while we were there Farmer Tim earned a new nickname: Uncle Whiff. I'll let you deduce exactly how he got it; what I will say is it all started as an innocent backyard game of family baseball.
We're grateful for these kiddos we get to call our niece and nephews. We love them so much!

Saturday, November 3

Scrub a dub dub.

So fresh and so clean, clean, clean. Once the equipment is done for the season, it must be cleaned up before it can go into winter hibernation. This usually involves some water, an air compressor, paper towels, glass and dust cleaner and sometimes, spit. I don't actually know about the last item on my list, but it seemed appropriate. 
Last weekend Farmer Tim and I made the rounds in the eastern part of the state- visiting grandparents, getting lost and taking in a "football" game in Lawrence and catching up with a few friends. So I guess we have officially begun our winter travels. This week? Texas to see family and go to the KSU/TCU game. GO CATS. BEAT OSU. #EMAW

Thursday, November 1

Happy HalloWEEN.

Boo! from the farm. Here's Tim's costume.

And mine.

We may not have done anything gone all out this year, but we still had some Halloween fun. We went to see Hotel Transylvania which turned out to be pretty cute; Count Dracula was by far my favorite character.  And on a non-related side note, we were six people away from a private showing. Boom.