Wednesday, July 23

Eager reader.

My man, Moo, loves to read and has for a long time. Sweet boy will regularly hang in for 10 or 12 books in a sitting. My astute observation of his leg and arm movement tell me some of his favorites include Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?Are you a Cow? and Big Red Barn. Sometimes we call Isaac, Michael Flatley, because of all the Riverdance action that goes on at our house. If you're looking to do a jig, Isaac's always up for a partner. 
Another sweet thing about all this reading business is the arm/shoulder/head touching that goes on. And since my little boy isn't super cuddly, I just love how he touches you when you read to him. Be still my heart. I hope he always has a love for reading. And Riverdance.

Friday, July 18

Friday photo dump.

For posterity and to immortalize my son's existence on the world wide web. Never mind that I just printed 1000+ pictures off Shutterfly. Whoops. Real talk: first child problems. Or I have a problem.
And that's all she wrote- which wasn't very much.

Thursday, July 10

Whatever I feel like. Gosh.

Isaac has a mostly full head of hair, minus a bald patch on the back right. It's ok, kiddo, you're still young so it's cute.
Oftentimes, his hair is the first thing people comment on- that, or how much he looks like his Dad. Never mind that I carried him for nine months and labored for 24+ hours. I digress.
Isaac's head can radiate some serious heat. In fact, it would seem that Isaac suffers from Pedro Syndrome, named by Urban Dictionary after Napoleon's BFF, Pedro Sanchez. Hilarious, right? Maybe, maybe not, but I still can't think about Isaac's sweaty head and not wonder if he'd shave it, too. In all sincerity, I-Man, I adore you and your mop of sweet, sweet hair.

Tuesday, July 8

Exersaucer love.

This is Isaac's {current} happy place. I say current because there are others that have gone before: the vibrating seat and the beloved swing.
The exersaucer gives him some newfound independence (tear) with the ability to stand up, turn in circles and all the chewing fun he can possibly stand. The poor giraffe has already endured a good gnawing and I don't think he's letting up any time soon. My son is nothing if not persistent.

Sunday, July 6

Right now.

This is right now. Today. We enjoyed a day home with Daddy and I got a rare picture of the two of us that isn't grainy and taken backwards on the 'ol phone. Winning. Harvest began Thursday, and as of tomorrow we will be full throttle. Hello long days all around for the Franklins.  

Now if I could just get this little boy to stop growing so fast. Four months sure goes by in a hurry.