Sunday, April 29

Big Ed's

Friday was my birthday. No, not my 21st- but thanks for the guess. And to celebrate we went to Big Ed's. It's nothing fancy. It's just a really, really good steak. 
You'd think that if the steak was as good as I say it was, I'd have taken a picture. But I didn't, so you'll just have to take my word for it. OR go visit my friend, Victoria, who I've mentioned before. She's really good at taking pictures of the yummy things she eats.
I'm off to Wichita this week. Yes, I'm getting my hair cut; but I'm also going to attend the wedding of a very dear friend, Kate. Cinco de Mayo Marriage won't even know what hit it, after I bust a move. Marriage power.

Thursday, April 26

Land(mark), ho!

Most people know Kansas is (relatively) flat. And you don't have to drive much further west than Salina to see that, by comparison, everything east looks hilly. My in-laws live in the country. And on a clear, starry night, they can see from their front window the lights of our neighboring towns. That are 30-40 miles away. Flat, flat, flat, flat, flat. So now that I've imparted all this wonderful knowledge and background, it's time for the application.

I get lost, I am directionally challenged and the lack of terrain and trees makes navigating the gravel roads I drive a near impossibility (I went for the dramatic flare). Let's just say that when Farmer Tim and I explore or are going to new places, I am NOT in the passenger seat with a map. Now that I've been here a year, I'm not as desperate as I once was, but nothing makes me happier than when I see an obvious landmark I can use to get me where I need to go. Ergo my appreciation for the lone tree along Road 24, which the Franklin's long ago dubbed the "pheasant tree". Granted, they use it as a unit of measure, telling them how far they are from home. For instance, when there is a snow storm and you don't know where you are in the blizzard-like conditions (because it's flat and most likely windy- it's Kansas), a sighting of that pheasant tree lets you know you are within a mile from home. Phew.

I can make my way to the usual spots, no problem. But I'm still driving to new fields, and Tim telling me to, "go 2 miles south, 1 mile east, then turn on a trail road," can bring on the tears. Which way is north? How bad is this trail road? So if I have something like the pheasant tree, in the midst of all this flatness, I feel a lot better. Besides, who doesn't want to be a pirate and yell out things like, "landmark, ho"?

The End.

Monday, April 23

Corn on my mind.

It's that time of year again. For what, you ask? To plant corn. Obviously. And to commemorate the occasion I have some pictures to share. I think what really makes this year's corn planting so momentous is that it marks the time we moved back to Kansas...which means I survived our first year in Small Town USA. Or it survived me (?)- because between you and me, I've not always been a peach. Tim says I've been a trooper, but probably that's his secret way of saying, "you think she looks normal and pleasant, but you don't have to live with her." I jest...And now for a farm wife's perspective of what happens right before you plant the corn (I say that because I've been known to miss a few things around here).

1. Check the temperature of the soil. If it's not an optimal reading, the corn won't take very well.
2. Add seed to the planter and do a test run.
3. After the test run, check that the depth of the planted seed is where you want it.
4. Go. Then go some more- as in, like, 10 days to 2 weeks.
So wish us luck and say a prayer- that the crops grow and thrive, that Farmer Tim et al. stays safe and that I don't make too many imaginary friends, as things will be busy for the next six-ish months.

Thursday, April 19

Denim faux paus.

Two blog posts in one day? I'm sorry. But as I innocently perused J.Crew online an image of what appeared to be a disaster caught my eye. Yo, Crew, my 1980s wardrobe called and they want their denim dress back *gasp*. I was compelled to share in hopes someone would agree they've made a huge mistake. I don't claim to be a fashion icon nor do I have plans to be a fancy fashion blog writer. But consider this my due diligence to society. A warning, if you will, that not all things at J.Crew are created equal (apparently). 


Denim dressDENIM DRESS

ITEM #: 67190


Slippery Pig

This is my next to last Seattle post. Promise? Or, I'm sorry? And the montage continues, thanks to our visit to the Slippery Pig. It was oddly reminiscent of a place that should exist in the Swiss Alps, only it's in Poulsbo, WA. On a gravel road. But how fun and who wouldn't love a place called Slippery Pig?
Here's the happy, non-sleep deprived mom and dad! Seriously.

Tuesday, April 17

Livin' la vida Seattle.

Friday Funday. At least that's what we call it around here when you take the ferry into Seattle for the day. It's an hour long cruise from Bremerton to downtown Seattle. Ben, the baby, did REALLY well. All day. Those smiley pictures of him- those were taken at the end of this loooong day. True story. 
This one's for you Victoria...TULIPS!!! The bouquet is only $10 (reference, Amy above)
1. veggie stand
2. slightly more vibrant veggie stand
3. the very FIRST Starbucks
4. cool neon sign
5. infamous vendor, known for their mad fish throwing skills

We spent the majority of the afternoon strolling (literally, thanks to Ben) in and around Pike Place Market. It's a feast for the eyes and your stomach. Vendors pass out samples of their fare (take it), street performers abound and people watching is at its finest. Farmer Tim and I collect magnets, so I found one to proudly display on the fridge of shame. And for $15 I bought a print, that had the seller not insisted he had taken the photograph himself, would not have suspected otherwise. Sucker or not, I had a great time and would go again. Only this time, I'd leave the skinny jeans and tennis shoes at home- thankfully, my pictures don't give way to such an atrocity.

Saturday, April 14

You're never fully dressed without a smile.

Even if Ben's smiles are just gas, I'll take them (even though I'm pretty sure it's just me). Either way, aren't they the sweetest? 

Thursday, April 12


Seattle doesn't even know what's coming. Trouble, I tell least that's what Farmer Tim would say. I'm leaving on a jet plane headed even further west than Goodland (I know, you thought we were in the abyss) to visit my longtime BFF, her husband and BRAND NEW BABY BOY, BEN!!!! It's likely I need to better prepare for the waterworks. But alas, I'm at the airport and will be covering that baby with kisses so soon he won't even know what hit him. Pictures to follow, I'm sure, but I just can't even stand it I'm so excited. Small town is being unleashed again, this time in the big city of Seattle. Woot woot.

Tuesday, April 10

FREE SHIPPING? Don't Mind if I Do.

I can remember back to my *junior year of college when I made one of my very first purchases online from J.Crew- a cork wedge sandal with black leather straps (apparently,yes, I remember that). I know I worried if they would actually show up. Would they look like they did on the computer? What if I have to return them? How could this be as efficient as filling out my catalog order by hand? Fast forward almost nine years and things have changed. Just a little. And now I probably do 95% of my shopping online- and I'm not just talking about clothes. I now turn to my computer to buy books, cameras, camera accessories, luggage, batteries, printers, ink/toner, etc. etc. etc. I know this news isn't really news at all; but what has changed for me is that rural living necessitates my use of the internet in ways I never have before. Picture big, beautiful Target Wal-Mart (is that an oxymoron?), and.... nothing else. That's my option for all things shopping- grocery and otherwise. Denver IS 2.5 hours away, but our local shopping leaves much to be desired. Thus enter my love and appreciation for online shopping and especially, FREE Shipping! So next time you see your friendly delivery man, be extra nice cause there's a good chance he's' coming my way...
*note: a short three years after I acquired my first email address and one year before Facebook made its debut

Sunday, April 8

Put your mind to it, go for it. Get down and break a sweat.

Well I did it. I read the Hunger Games trilogy. And now I don't even know what to do with myself. It was three tantalizing days of filling my mind with Peeta star-crossed love, and now I'm a little let down it's all over. Kind of like when New Kids on the Block disbanded (pun fully intended). But oh was it good. So good. If you haven't read the books, you must. Otherwise, we can't be friends. Also, I've now seen the movie twice. The End.

Wednesday, April 4

Just call me Kat(niss)

In spite of my friends' urging, I went and saw Hunger Games before reading the books. I'm a rebel. That and my small town movie theater (which is awesome!!) has one screen, and it's in its second and final week of showing. So now begins my life of hermit-dom as I have just bought the Triology on my Kindle. And for Tim's sake may the odds of finishing quickly be ever in my favor. Read: I'm not a fast reader. *sigh*

Monday, April 2

Is that a...balding spot?

At first I was afraid. I was petrified. And then we got our hands a little dirty...and survived. Farmer Tim and I, along with a couple of others, help with our church's middle and high school youth group and we had a lock in Friday night. This age group scares the pants right off me. Half of the time, they leave me speechless as I'm trying to relate. They're way smart and more perceptive than we give them credit, they ask (lots of) questions, want desperately to fit in and can't decide if needing their mom is passé (kids, we always need our moms). And oh, the energy. Did I mention their endless supply? I thought it was a myth too, until 3am rolled around and playing Sasquatch (apparently the latest craze in the game of tag) still sounded like a good idea.

So how's an almost 29 yr. old supposed to be cool and happening with such a crowd? I'm not. I'm just supposed to be present week in and week out. I just try to answer their questions, try to relate and give them due credit. But most importantly, I try to be a living example of Jesus. And maybe in doing that, they'll be a little less scary and think I'm a little bit cool (or not). But even if I am a little scared and not super cool, I press on because I love them and I want them, even more, to know and love Jesus.

And now, for the best part of my evening (muahahahahaha, voiced in an evil laugh). To preface, Tim is getting his hair "done" by some of the kids. And as they're working in that bottle of mousse, one of them says to Tim, "you don't have a lot of hair right there," referring to what I'll call a...balding spot. April Fool's???? We were both speechless. And I laughed- lovingly, of course.
Farmer Tim = good sport
Clearly (??) we survived- at least nothing was broken and no one got hurt. And that, to me, is grounds for a W. Kind of like KU tonight...