I'm Kat.  And I'm from here.
Wichita, KS
I met Farmer Tim and he's from here.
Goodland, KS
We met at K-State.

We got married.

And lived here.
Des Moines, IA
And after three blissfully cold years in Iowa we moved here (who does that???).
Buffalo, NY
And finally, after yet another three lovely years in New York, a change was imminent. So this long story short, shows our journey to April 2011. And how we ended up here.
Goodland, KS
Now it shouldn't (hopefully) take you too long to recognize this last picture as Farmer Tim's hometown. Population 4,500. And I didn't stutter when I said we moved back here in April. Leave it to us to abandon Corporate America, in pursuit of a farm boy's dream, in a day and age when rural communities struggle to bring young people back. But in the almost-year that we've been living here, I shutter to think I might be able to admit that more people should do it. Now I won't solve ALL the world's problems in one little blog post. But through this blog I will be making my small attempt, in my own corner of the world, to make a difference; and to show that farming is cool (did I really just say that), that rural living may not be the death of me after all and that following your life's calling may be right but that doesn't mean it's easy (cause what good things in life are?). This is my account of how a city girl and a country boy do rural.

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